Successful Mergers & Acquisitions,
Influential Business Strategies,
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Inspirational Coaching for Security Companies

Mergers & Acquisitions

Thinking about buying a competitor or entering a new market? We can help bring opportunities your way and help determine if a particular opportunity is the right fit for your business expansion.

Business Strategies

Your business grows along with your list of responsibilities, you need someone who has vast experience and knowledge in all areas of business management and operations.


We provide a full array of technical, code and business courses that complement your business objectives and satisfy Licensing CEU requirements.

I would like to thank Ken Gould Consulting for their professional support in the growth of our company through the numerous acquisitions and state compliance processes. It has been over twelve years since we first had Ken Gould Consulting assist us with our sales and licensing growth, as well as the professional development of our day-to-day operations. Ken was there at every step of the acquisition process, ensuring we found the right seller and the proper legal documents were in order. Ken went above and beyond, doing the seller’s due diligence to make the post-acquisition seamless. His dedication and attention to detail is beyond comparison. We would highly recommend any company that needs help growing their business, improving their day-to-day operations or has issues with compliance registration in various states, to consult with Ken.


Alarms R Us

Kenny initially joined Beacon to assist with researching and assimilation of acquisitions. We continue to utilize him for licensing and contract assistance in multiple states. He is also instrumental in finding highly qualified sub-contractors and technicians which has been helpful with the rapid growth of Beacon. We continue to communicate with Ken & KJG Consulting, and we highly recommend their services.

Robert DeGennaro

Chief Operating Officer, Beacon Protection

Ken Gould

Ken Gould A business mentor, coach, consultant and
speaker who really
knows the security business!

Ken’s passion is to help businesses identify areas in their operations where they may be missing opportunities for growth or more profit. He is devoted to creatively helping leaders and businesses achieve bigger goals, more success, and better teamwork.

Maximize the Value of Your Business and Create a Strategic Roadmap
from Now Until You Are Ready to Sell

A Consultant to Transform Your Company

Sometimes a company needs a consultant to come in, identify issues, and formulate solutions. From employee and customer service issues, to the larger picture of organizational transformation, Ken has the tools and expertise needed.

A Coach to Develop High Potential

Ken grew his business into an extraordinary organization by helping the people within the company be the best they could be.  Now he inspires, motivates, and coaches people in other companies to do the same.  Through his coaching, their lives and companies are transformed.

A Speaker to Inspire and Motivate

With his leadership and success programs, Ken helps to establish a success mind-set, instills leadership qualities and reveals how to engage employees and customers.

Are you interested in improving and/or selling your business? Ken can help.